Champagne Vincent Léglantier, a family tradition.

Since 2012, Vincent Léglantier has happily and passionately taken over the family tradition. Born in the southern part of the Côtes des Blancs, in the Côtes du Sézannais, the Champagne Vincent Léglantier is comtempory but do not forget his origins. We are one of the oldest family of the village (the Léglantier Family has been livinf in Saudoy, since the early 17th Century). Our vineyards are the witness of our story and carry in their sap the richness of our growth.

Take pleasure in discovering our champagnes Brut Tradition, Demi-Sec, Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and our Millésimes... and meet us in Saudoy gathered around a champagne glass.